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Our security solutions cover major industries so that our customers have the very best to provide for their own clients.


Cyber security is an important part of the healthcare industry. With a tremendous amount of sensitive medical records and information, a single patient’s data is worth 10 times more than a stolen credit card. Our cloud based solutions stand firmly in the way of DDOS attacks while ensuring unrestricted access to the patient portals and healthcare information exchange (HIE). With emerging internet technologies for healthcare service receivers and providers, these services become vulnerable entry points for hackers. Our security solutions will help you prevent these breaches,protecting them from all attacks and frauds alike.


Critical Government Infrastructure and networks are vulnerable to a wide range of attacks and fraud. With our worlds interconnected more than ever now, there are higher risks of theft, abuse and fraud. Our robust suite of security solutions provides protection to federal agencies against a myriad of cyber threats. Our depth of expertise in this area will help you ensure confidentiality and integrity of data within each organization.

Financial Services

Cybercrime has penetrated the financial world with increasingly sophisticated and frequent attacks. With an increasing frequency, it is no more a question of “if” organizational security will be breached, but “when”. Cyber security has become an incumbent integration in financial institutions especially since these types of services have been extended to digital channels like mobile and online banking. In addition to being in the crosshairs of cyber-vulnerability, financial institutions face many government regulations such as MAS-TRM, SOX, PCI and EU GDPR. With these privacy directives, compliance costs


The theft of trade secrets, denial of service attacks, web application attacks and Corporate-Cyber espionage are amongst a host of information security concerns in the manufacturing industry. Exploitation of business processes through cyber espionage in this dynamic environment is becoming more aggressive day by day. Intellectual properties in the manufacturing business are a critical asset and prone to security threats. Most manufacturers hesitate to adopt security technologies due to the negative impact on performance of their systems. Wyvern Security takes all possible measures to deliver risk management frameworks, guidelines, methodologies and tools to soothe these exacerbating concerns. We allow manufacturers, service and solution providers to address their performance reliability and safety requirements of the system, based on which we can work more coherently with them.


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