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Cybercrime damages have cost the world around $3 trillion, and more than $1 trillion is expected to be spent on cyber security products, services and solutions.With skyrocketing demand and costs of cyber security specialists,it is difficult to find one that is an all-in-one package. 

Apart from providing a full spectrum of custom built and cost-effective cyber security services, we also offer professional consulting services in both public and private sector.

Who Are We

Wyvern Security is a Cyber and Information Security Consulting firm founded by industry leaders who combine decades of experience in industries such as Finance, Communications, Healthcare, Broadcasting and Cable, Manufacturing, Computer Storage, Telecommunications, Insurance, Education, Federal and State government agencies. The Principals at Wyvern Security are subject matter experts who have provided Cyber and Information Security services to private sector industries, state and federal government agencies for over 20 years.

What We Do

Wyvern Security provides cyber and information security services and solutions to solve complex security challenges facing clients. Wyvern Security uses the proven industry best practices to assess attack vectors which enables organizations to better utilize time and resources toward addressing specific risk and business requirements to ensure gaps are identified and addressed accordingly. 

Our mission

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions through our services and products to enable our clients to reduce risk and increase sustainability. Wyvern Security enables companies to make better cyber security decisions to build and secure a stronger organization. 

Corporations are being attacked at exponential rates. The average time to repair systems after an attack is 395 hours which cost organizations 1.27 million per year. Wyvern Security subject matter experts leverages the decades of training, education and experience to protect the network and systems from threats. We work closely with organizations to secure their assets to make better security decisions.

We provide solutions to the most complex issues within the public and private sectors to ensure a better security posture and best practices. Contact us.

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